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Adding Co-Editors & Co-Publishers to Kaltura Videos

How to share your videos with other student/Instructors for their use

Adding Video Files to Kaltura My Media

Showing the steps from uploading a video file to Kaltura directly.

Adding to the Faculty Repository

How to share your videos with all Instructors

Altering Course Start Dates

Rules for altering course start dates and various trouble shooting tips.

Attendance Tool

How to use the Attendance tool in Canvas

Canvas Course Roster Population

If a student adds a class in myNKU but they don't see it in Canvas, they may need to wait for one of these times to pass before they are populated within the course.

Caption Editor

Goes into how to locate the Caption Editor and the various tools and functions of the Editor

Cross-Listing Canvas Sections

How to Combine Canvas Courses with Cross-Listing

Downloading Your Kaltura Videos

Show how to turn on the Download option for your videos in Kaltura for your use or your students.

Editing Closed Captions

How to edit the captions of your Kaltura Videos

Exam Settings Checklist

New to Canvas Quizzes? Here is a quick checklist to ensure your exam is ready to go

Extending Availability Dates

How to extend availability dates for individual students

How to Set up a Flip Assignment

Learn how to set up a Flip Integration and video response assignment in Canvas.

How to Give Extra Attempts on Quizzes

Do you need to setup a student accommodation, or unlock a quiz for one student after the rest of the class has taken it? The Moderate This Quiz function of Canvas lets you do both.

Kaltura Capture

Record your Desktop, Face, & Voice with Kaltura Capture

Kaltura Classroom

Made for classroom recordings. Record your desktop, face, & voice

Kaltura Video Editor

Follow these steps to edit your Kaltura videos:

Kaltura Video Quiz

Follow these steps to turn your Kaltura video into a Kaltura Video Quiz:

Module Prerequisites - Faculty

When setting up your modules you can create time releases as well as completion prerequisites

Quick Guide to Teams

How to sign-in and a quick guide on the functions of TEAMS

Turnitin Best Practices

Best Practices with Turnitin and Plagiarism Reports

What to do when your file is too large to upload to Canvas

Using Onedrive and Kaltura to save space