Extending Availability Dates

  1. Log into Canvas and go to the assignment in question, click Edit 

Title of assignment and including the Edit button 

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the Edit page to the Assign To section. Click +Add 

Assign To section 


  1. Clicking +Add will creat an additional box where you can choose a specific student (or multiple students) who will have a separate time range than the rest of the class. 

Blank Assign To section Highlighting class list drop down 

  1. You should now have two boxes with individual time ranges. You can create more by clicking +Add at the bottom as needed or assign an entire section one time range and a separate one to another section. 

Filled in Assign To section Showing Individual Student and Original Assignment Availability Date 


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Wed 5/19/21 10:01 AM
Thu 5/20/21 8:23 AM