Module Prerequisites - Faculty

  1. To create a module navigate to the module page of your course and click the +Module button in the top right corner. 

Button to create a new mosule 

  1. Once you have placed content within the module you can click the three dots to the right of the module title and click Edit 

Highlighting the edit button in a module 

  1. In this window click the +Add Requirement button to reveal your options on what rules you want to add to the module. You can hit the +Add Requirement button as many times as you have items within the module. 

Edit Module Settings Window 

  1. When adding the requirement you first must choose the item in reference, what is available to you will be the content you have within the module you are editing 

Choosing the item within the module 

Then you will add a stipulation to that item 

choosing the rule for that item 

     a. View the item – must have viewed the item at least once 

     b. Submit the assignment – must have made at least one submission for the assignment 

     c. Score at least – must hit a certain score on the assignment to count 

5. Next you can specify further on your requirements by checking the following: 

     a. Students must complete all of these requirements 

          -This rule requires every requirement to be completed 

     b. Students must move through requirements in sequential order 

          -Students will need to progress to each item in the module in the order you placed them, all items will look inaccessible until the previous item requirements have been met 

showing the greyed out effects of require sequential order 

     c. Student must complete one of these requirements 

          -Rather than force every requirement to be filled the student will only have to achieve one of the listed requirements.showing a list of requirements under "Students must complete one of the following" 

     d. Lock Until 

         -Not a part of the requirements list but this will allow you to lock the module until a specified date 

Edit Module Settings showing a required date 

You can also go to a future module and make the completion of a previous module a requirement: 

showing a module title listed within the prerequisites 

showing a locked module 


You can confirm your prerequisites went through by returning to your modules page and seeing one of the tags to the right of the module title based on what prerequisites you used. 

showing instructor view of a module with requirements 

Your students will see a hollow dot when a requirement is needed that when highlighted will specify what is required of that item as well as directly below the item title. 

must submit requirement 

must score requirement 

must view requirement 

Students will see a lock on Modules they do not have access too with a specification on what needs to be done (or what date needs to pass) for it to be accessed. 

locked module example 

If you have links to assignments in locked modules in other locations within your course they will receive a page like this: 

student view of a restricted assignment


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