Attendance Tool

Note: As soon as you start taking attendance using this tool an Assignment & a grade center column will automatically be created. By default it is set to percentage, so if a student is present the first day they will have 100%, if they are absent the second day they will have 50%. You can adjust the point value by located the Roll Call Attendance assignment in the Assignments area and then clicking Edit Assignment Settings. Please refer to this guide for other point value questions:

  1. Access the Attendance tool in Canvas. (if you do not see this button in your left hand navigation you may need to go to Settings>Navigation and drag it up to your activated buttons. 

attendance button 

  1. You will be presented with a list view of your current class. 

main page of the Attendance tool 

  1. In the top left there is a drop down with your course Name (Travis Downing Sandbox in this example). If you click on it you can change it to view different sections in your course. 

example of different sections in your course 

  1. Once you have chosen the appropriate section you can then click on a student to change them to one of 4 states. 

Unmarked - By default they will be in the unmarked state awaiting your selection. 

Example of the Unmarked state 

Present – If a student has arrived to class and on time. 

Example of the Present state 

Absent – If a Student never attended the class on that date 

Example of the Absent state 

Late – If the student arrived but past the scheduled time 

Example of the Late state 


8. To review a student’s attendance for the class you can click on More next to a students name 

example of reviewing attendance details for a particular student 

9. You can also view your student’s total attendance by looking at the grade center column. 

example of grade center view of the attendance grades 

 10. Or you can run an attendance report by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner. 

gear icon displaying the Roll Call Settings choice 

11. Once you click on Attendance Report fill out the criteria you are looking for and hit Run Report and you will receive an email with a link with the info. The link will only be accessible for 24 hours. 

Export Attendance page 

12. The Gear icon in the upper right is also where you can adjust how much being late affects the student’s grade. 

Lateness percentage slider 

Class View 

You also have the option of switching to Class View by clicking Class in the upper right hand area.