How to Give Extra Attempts on Quizzes

1.  In a Canvas course, click Quizzes (in the left sidebar). 

2.  Click the name of quiz you wish to change. 

3.  On the right, click Moderate this Quiz

Shape Screenshot of quiz page with Moderate this Quiz highlightedModerate this Quiz located on the top right of the page 

4.  You will then see a screen that lists every student in the course. You can also see how many times the student has taken the quiz, how much time they spent taking the quiz, and their grade. 

5.  To setup a student accommodation, scroll down to the name of a student, or type the name of a student in the search box (top of the screen) and click Filter

6.  Click the Pencil icon to the right of the students name you wish to change. 

7.  Depending on the options you choose for this quiz you may see the option to grant additional attempts. If your quiz has a time limit, you’ll be able to extend that time limit. The last option will let you unlock the quiz for this student. 

Shape Screenshot of Student Extensions window on Moderate this Quiz pagelist of options for student extensions depending on how the quiz was set up."Let the student see the results one more time""Manually unlock the quiz for the next attempt" 

8.  Click Save.


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