How to Set up a Flipgrid Assignment

How to Set up a Flipgrid Assignment


Flipgrid is an educator tool that allows instructors to set a prompt and have students reply to it using video. The video can be either them speaking using their webcam, or an uploaded video, complete with presentation. Students can also reply to each other. Their responses can be graded right in Canvas through Speedgrader.

First, create an account with Flipgrid in a separate browser window or tab.

Sign up for Flipgrid account


Create a New Integration

Once you’ve created your account or logged in, you’ll need to create a new integration with Canvas for that particular course.

1. Click on the Smiley Face, then on Settings. Then, click on the Integrations Tab
Flipgrid integrations button

2. Under Flipgrid + Canvas, choose Add New Integration.  

Flipgrid new integration Add

3. Name it (recommended: your classroom name)

Name your Flipgrid Classroom

4. Copy the consumer Key and navigate back to Canvas. Don’t close out the browser window, you’ll need the secret as well.

5. Under Settings, go to the Apps tab. Search for Flipgrid. Click on +Add App

Search for Flipgrid in the Apps tab in Canvas and then Click on Add App

6. Copy and paste the consumer key and shared secret into the slots and click on Add App. Now you’re ready to set up the assignment.

Flipgrid consumer key and shared secret

Set up a Flipgrid Assignment

You can now close out your Flipgrid browser window if you wish and continue the work in Canvas.

1. Either under the Assignments tab or in the module, hit the + key to create a new assignment or modify an existing assignment.

2. Click on Edit to add Flipgrid to the assignment.

 3. Under the Details tab, navigate down to Submission Type. Choose External Tool. ­

 Use the submission type: External Tool

4. Click on Find and navigate to Flipgrid. Click on Flipgrid, then Select. Save the assignment.

 Edit the Flipgrid Response

Now, you can edit the Flipgrid prompt.

Edit Your Flipgrid Prompt Settings

You will be prompted to create a course group. Click on this to edit the Flipgrid prompt settings.

Connect Flipgrid to Canvas group

1. Click on the Actions dropdown to edit the topic.

Choose Actions to modify the Flipgrid prompt

2. Update your prompt and the settings for your prompt, then click Update Topic. You can add topic images, attachments, and set a time limit, as well as offer custom rubrics for feedback.

Edit Your Topic

Update any other settings, such as points and additional information in the Canvas assignment, and you’re ready to publish it for the students!

Flipgrid Prompt with Response


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