Adding to the Faculty Repository

Before adding to the repository be sure to add tags relating to the topics of your video as it can be difficult to locate a video otherwise.  

  1. Log into Canvas and go to your Kaltura My Media page. Scroll to find the video(s) you wish to add to the repository and check the box next to them. 

List of videos with their selection boxes checked. Three videos are shown 

  1. Click on the Actions drop down in the top right then click Publish

Actions drop down button open with Publish highlighted 


  1. From here you can see all of the courses you could publish the video too but one of the options is Shared Repository which you will need to choose. Then hit Save

Shared Repository selection box checked 

  1. The next time you go the Embed Kaltura Media click on the Shared Repository tab and you will see all other videos shared.  

Embed Kaltura Media button shown under the blue chevron arrowShared Repository tab highlighted 

  1. To find a video click on the search bar and type in one of the tags you added to your video. For example one of my tags was “Kaltura” 

Search Bar with the keyword Kaltura used showing it found the video that was uploaded


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