What to do when your file is too large to upload to Canvas

Depending on the file type there are a few options you can use to upload the file but not use up the storage quota for your course. 


Every NKU student, staff, and faculty have access to a Onedrive account with a terabyte of space to use. 

  1. The quickest way to access your Onedrive account is to go to webmail.nku.edu > Sign into your Webmail account> click on the waffle grid icon in the top left (Waffle Grid Icon)> Click Onedrive 

Onedrive access link under the Apps area 

  1. Once the page has loaded you can then Drag & Drop files into the window to upload them or use the upload button along the top to open the file finder. 

Example file being uploaded 

Once you have selected the files to upload a progress button will appear in the top right you can click on to see how long until files have completely uploaded 

Progress area showing a completed upload 

  1. Once uploaded you can hit the share button (share button) which will appear once you have selected the title of the file. 

Selected file showing the share button 


Once you have hit the share button a window will come up 

Send link window 

From here, if you want to send the file in an email, you can just enter an email address and message and then hit send. 

If you are adding it to your Canvas course you will want to click on the “People you specify can view” button and change it to “People in Northern Kentucky University with the link” and click Apply. If this option isn’t chosen those that use the link may be blocked out or the link may expire after 1 week. 

Link settings window 

  1. Next click on the Copy Link button (Copy Link button). You will get a Link Copied confirmation screen, from here you can then past this link to any discussion, page, or text entry within your course and those who can use the link will have access to view/download that file. 

Link copied confirmation window 


If you wish to share a video file the best way is by using Kaltura as it has unlimited space and syncs with Canvas for ease of use. 

  1. To add a video from your computer, Click on Kaltura My Media