Exam Settings Checklist

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  • Have you done an Exam preview? This should let you check that question points and question answers are correct. Is the “Shuffle Answers” box checked? This should not be done if available answers include phrases like “both A&B” 

The options area with Shuffle Answers Checked 

  • Do you have a time limit? In general you should assume 1 to 2 minutes per question, depending on the complexity of your test. 

The time Limit Option with the field awaiting a time to be input 

  • Is “Let Students See Their Quiz Responses” unchecked? If checked, this will allow students to go back and see questions and answers – this should not be used for exams you want to keep private. 

the Let see students see their quiz reponses checkbox 

  • Do you have the Quiz assigned to “Everyone”?  It is rare that you need to change this but the option to assign items to specific section within your course is available. If you need to change this please refer to “Adding Sections & how to issue Assignments to each section separately” guide

the assign to area 

  • Do you have a Due date? All Exams should have a Due date that matches the end of their availability date. 

the due date area 

  • Do you have an available from and an available Until date? The available from date it when the item becomes accessible to the students and the until date prevents them from making any more submissions or activity. If you leave these blank and only have a Due date your students can still submit after it but they will be marked as late.

The Available from and Until fields 


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