Downloading Your Kaltura Videos

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  1. Log into Canvas and click on Kaltura My Media. Then click the pencil icon to the right of the title of the video you intend to download.

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  1. Click on the Downloads Tab, check the box next to Original Video, then hit Save. Once the save has gone through click on Go To Media

displaying the download tab

  1. There should now be a Download tab. Click on the download arrow under the actions area,that will provide your video. If you do not see the downloads tab as shown below check in the details tab (if the web window is too small it can be moved there). If your video had both webcam and Screen Capture as part of the recording you may need to see the Downloading Screen Capture/Webcam only part of this guide to choose which you want.

displaying the are where one can download their video

Downloading Screencapture/Webcam only

if your recording has both webcam and screen capture footage you can choose to download one or the other.

To do this, after clicking the pencil icon next to the desired video, you can see a Media Entry ID tot he right of the video, copy that ID.

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Next, go back to the My Media page and in the search bar in the upper left paste that ID and hit enter. You should see both the Webcam and Screen Capture footage, follow the steps above for whichever you wish to download.

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Allowing Students to Download your Video

  1. After completing the steps above you will also need to publish your video, to do the this go to Kaltura My Media and check the box next to the video you wish to publish. Then, in the top right corner, click Actions then Publish

Displaying a selected video with a checkmark

Showing the options from the actions dropdown

  1. Find the course you wish to publish the video to, check the box and hit Save

showing confirmation of publishing videos to courses

  1. Now when you or your students click on Kaltura Media Gallery the video should show. Click on the video and you should see a Details tab with a download option.

showing the dropdown of the details button emphasizing the download option


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