Adding Video Files to Kaltura My Media

  1. To add a video from your computer, Click on Kaltura My Media.

Highlighting the Kaltura My Media link in the left hand navigation

  1. Click Add New.

Highlighting the Add new Button

  1. Then Media Upload.

Showing the drop down options of the Add new button

  1. Either drag the file from your computer onto this page OR click +Choose a file to upload to find the video file on your computer.

Highlighting the Choose a File to Upload Button

  1. Once it completes the upload you will then be given a screen to change the name, description of the video, and add tags. It is important to add a description for future clarity as if you add a number of files with similar topics over time it may become difficult to distinguish them from one another.

Showing a successful Upload Screen with a "Your Changes have been saved" notification

  1. Navigate to the Discussion or area of the course you would like to add the video.
  2. Click on the Kaltura media icon( Kaltura Logo Button ) to open up that menu.

Showing the tool bar containing the Kaltura Media Icon

  1. A window will come up with a list of all the videos under your account. If you have a lot of videos you can use the search media bar near the top of the window by typing in words in the title.

List of videos shown in Kaltura My Media

  1. Find the video you would like to use and click the Select button next to it. Your video will show in the content area. Post the link and then the video will be viewable.

showing a successful embed of a Kaltua Media video with the player shown



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