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NKU administers a system called "Papercut" that allows students to print on campus from their own devices.

 Each semester, students are granted a credit for business printing (i.e. 8.5 x 11 sized paper).

  • Full-time students: $12 credit
  • Part-time students: $6 credit
  • Winter term students: $2 credit

You can check your balance anytime by clicking "Summary" within Papercut. Once your credit runs out, you can add money to your All Card to continue printing.

If you have a balance at the end of a semester, it will not roll over to the next semester.  Instead, your balance will reset to $12 or $6 based on your enrollment status.

In the event of a printer malfunction, you may apply for a refund.

Printing Costs

The price between black and color printing differs. Color printing is only available in certain labs.

  • Black prints $0.10 per page
  • Color prints $0.55-0.75 per page (depending on location)
    • NTB_Color
    • SL400_3_KMC308
    • SL301_3_KMC360


Printing in Residence Halls


University Suites 227 has a computer lab and printer. Callahan Hall 152 has a computer lab (no printer).

Students living in residence halls may bring printers, but wireless printing is not permitted.  Please ensure you have a USB cord to connect your printer to your computer.

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