Kaltura Classroom

Note: to have Kaltura Classroom loaded onto your classroom computer you will need to submit a ticket to IT.

Though Kaltura Classroom should start automatically after logging in, if it doesn’t you can click the icon on your desktop that looks like this: 


Kaltura Classroom desktop Icon

Once open you will see this screen: 

Kaltura Classroom Dashboard display 


  1. Start Recording: Once you hit this button you will get a 5 second countdown and then everything that is listed in steps 2, 3, and 4 will be recorded. Once the recording has started the options to Stop, Pause, and Cancel will appear.  


The Start, Pause, stop, and cancel controls 

Stop: Click stop once you are finished with your recording and ready to upload. You will be prompted with information to fill out (also listed in step 5) then hit Save  

Pause: If your class needs to take a break or you don’t wish to record a section of your class you can hit the pause button. When ready to resume the recording hit the red button again. 

Cancel: clicking the X icon will cancel everything you have recorded so far and delete all progress on the current recording. 

Device Settings: You will notice this icon Device Settings icon  in the top right of the tools listed in steps 2, 3, and 4. This will allow you to change the settings of each corresponding device or, when applicable, switch the device to a separate one the system can detect. 

  1. Primary Video: This is your Webcam footage. If you do not want to include this clicking the camera icon will turn it off. This must be done before the recording has started. 

  1. Microphone: This shows how well your microphone is picking up. If you can see that the level bars are increasing when you speak you know your microphone is registering your voice. 

  1. Secondary Video: This shows your screen recording area. If you do not wish to include the screen capture click on the camera icon above this area. 

  1. Video Description:  By clicking the pencil icon next to New Recording in the top middle of the page you will open your videos description. 

New Recording button 

 Edit Recording Info screen  

Here you will fill out these features: 

Title: It auto-fills with the date and time of the recording but be sure to add in a specific title that will help you find this recording later. Covering a similar topics over multiple recordings may cause confusion down the line but it is good to keep it as succinct as possible. 

Description: This is an added layer of distinction and allows you to express more detail about the contents of the video for future clarification 

Username: Once you start to type your NKU username you should see a dropdown with your name listed. Click on your name, this is how the application knows to put this recording under your Kaltura account. 

username field  

Tags: These add assistance for finding the video using the search bar. Normally, when using the search bar, it looks for words in the title of the video as well as any tags with the same keywords. Good examples would be the topic, course ID (ex. BIO-101), or even your username. 

-If you forget to add these details that is fine, you will be prompted again once you click stop recording. 

Note: when clicking the X button to close out of the program note that it doesn’t close it out entirely. Kaltura Classroom is still open and inside your Hidden Icons tray located in the bottom right under an arrow icon hidden icons arrow icon (If you are on a Windows computer). Since the application makes use of your webcam there may be some cases where you want to close out of the program. If you click the arrow icon you will see a list of programs that are open and running in the background. If you right click the Kaltura Classroom icon you should be given an option to close it. 


hidden icons tray


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