Editing Closed Captions

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  1. Access your Kaltura My Media page in Canvas. (if you do not see this button in your left hand navigation you may need to go to Settings > Navigation and drag it up to your activated buttons). 

Kaltura My Media navigation button  

  1. click on the video you would like to edit the captions of. 

  1. click actions on the right hand side. 

showing the location of the actions drop down button 

  1. Click Edit 

showing the edit button 

  1. Then click the Captions tab. Then click Edit Captions 

Showing the Edit Captions Button 

  1. From this page you are able to edit your captions line by line while previewing your video on the right side.  All you need to do is select the line of text your wish to edit, copy that text and paste it in the Search in Captions box and in the Replace With area change it to the desired text by clicking replace.There is also an Add Speaker box that you can use to assign who is talking in a line of text which can be useful when you have multiple speakers. 

displaying the Closed Caption Editor screen 

Shape https://nku.instructure.com/courses/16280/files/1034169/download?wrap=1 

8. When you make a change to the captions two buttons will appear in the top right. Revert will undo the edit you just made, Save will apply all your changes to the video. After you have saved, click the Back button in the top right to leave the editor. 


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