Services A-Z (88)

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Add myNKU Tab or SAP GUI Functionality

Need access to a new tab in myNKU or access to an area in SAP GUI

Adobe Creative Cloud

Access to 20+ Adobe software titles, audio, video & photo editing, web development.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

A comprehensive solution for building NKU's website.

AEM/Website Consultation

Meet with a member of the IT Training Team to discuss webpage design and/or functionality. Custom elements on websites can also be discussed.


BEx Folder/Query Access

Add/Change user permission for BEx

BEx Folder/Query Access

Add/Change user permission for BEx Web Analyzer

BEx Portfolio Access

Access Request for file storage in BEx Portfolio


Canvas Issue & Support

Having trouble working within Canvas? Log an issue and we will be assist you shortly.

Change in Responsible Person

Request this service to make a change to the name of the new person who will be taking over the fiscal responsibility for a Fund Center

Cisco Jabber Requests

Request access to Jabber

COI VMware System (COIvcenter)

Request for setup for COIvCenter classes

Computer Imaging/Computer Setup for New Employee

Request a computer to be set up for a new user.

Computer Lab Software Requests

Install discipline-specific software in certain labs and classrooms.

Computer Purchasing

Conference Call Request

Consultation with IT Client Support Specialists

The Office of Information Technology provides colleges with a Client Support Specialist, located within the colleges and buildings, so that faculty and staff are provided with technology support on-demand.

Course Withdraw Request


Data Load Request

Manually load data or modify scheduled load

Department K Drive: Add/Remove User

Request to add or remove users from a department folder.

Department K Drive: Request Additional Storage

Request for an increase in storage space for a department's K drive folder.

Desktop Software Support

Provide centralized software support including installation, upgrades, troubleshooting and removal of software.

Device Transfer

Asset transfer between department inventories

Directory Information Restriction Release Request

To remove the restriction to share directory information with the public.

Directory Information Restriction Request

To request directory information not be released to the public.


Equipment Checkout

Borrow a laptop, tablet, or other accessory from the Norse Tech Bar.

ESS/MSS Errors & Support

If you are experiencing any issues using ESS/MSS, submit this form with additional information for us to assist you.

Event Planning Issues

Log an issue if you are experiencing issues with Event Planning.

Excess Hours Earned Appeal

Appeal for acceptance of excess hours earned as non-degree student


Fall 2021 VA Certification

Use this service to request use of VA benefits for Fall 2021 semester.

FI Production Support

Request this service when you have something you need updated or changed to current production setup for example a change to a report.


Grading Issue

Log an issue with the grading application

Group Mailbox

New group email account for your team's new project, role, or product.


Help Desk

Remote support services through phone, chat, and online service requests.


iCart Request

Reserve a cart of iPads for classroom use

Issue Making a Payment

File an issue if you are experiencing issues when making a payment online at myNKU or on the NKU mobile app.

Issue Making a Payment

File an issue if you are experiencing issues when making a payment online at myNKU or on the NKU mobile app.

IT Procurement Policy

IT Procurement Policy information



Request for a new listserv email address.

Live Events

Service for Live Events held in the Digitorium, Student Union or Other campus locations.


Mass Process Run Request

Used to run a mass or batch process within SAP

Mass Process Run Request

Request for running Mass Processes within SAP

Media Equipment Loans

We loan a variety of portable equipment for instructional needs and certain NKU events.

Media Installation

Service used to request installation of media equipment.

Media Production

Video Recordings, Audio Recordings, Studio Shoots and Post Production and Editing services

myNKU Cost Center Access

Give access to specific cost center(s) for a user

myNKU Production Support

Report issues experienced within myNKU

myNKU Production Support - Admissions

Issue related to Admissions services within myNKU

myNKU Production Support - Registrar

Report an issue or request assistance with myNKU processes and activities.

myNKU Production Support - Student Accounts

Report an issue for any myNKU Biller Direct or payment issues

myNKU Support - Student Issue

Report an issue you are experiencing with myNKU


Network Jack/Port Activation

Moving offices or internet not working - could be the wall network jack is inactive. Use this request to activate a port.


Online Training Request/Issue

Request personalized training via Zoom or Teams for one user or a small group.


PAR Support

If you are having issue processing PARs, please use this form to request additional assistance.

Pay for Print Refund

Request a refund for a printing malfunction in a student computer lab.

Personal J/M Drive: Request Additional Storage

Request for an increase in storage for your personal J/M drive.

Planning & Institutional Research Request

Reports, Data and Survey requests

Previous Semester VA Certification

Use this service to request use of VA benefits for any valid previous semester. Current or Future semesters should NOT use this form.

Printer Issues & Errors

Report Printing Issues

Process Enhancements/Improvements Request

Requests for new enhancements or configurations or updates to existing processes and configurations.

Process Enhancements/Improvements Request

Request an update to a process or configuration or request a new process or configuration

Project Management Consultations

Need help getting a project organized or structuring your tasks. New to project management and need help with a tool. Request this service and one our dedicated project managers will assist you.


Report Technical Issues with your Computer or Device

Report issues with your computer or laptop and any connected accessories such as mouse/keyboard/monitor.

Report/Query Support

Report an Issue, request assistance, suggest enhancements or just have a question, use this form to request assistance from the Reporting and Analytics team


SAP GUI Account Unlock (NOT Password Reset)

If you have locked your account and need to get it unlocked, submit a ticket.

SAP GUI New User Login Setup

New access to SAP GUI

SAP GUI Password Set or Reset

Forget your password and need a reset, file a ticket and we will reset it.

SAP T-Code Access Request

Need access to a particular T-Code in SAP

Security Groups

Request creation or modification of Active Directory security groups.

Sigma ProSam Production Support

Report an issue experienced within the Sigma ProSam application or Financial Assistance area within myNKU

Smart Classroom A/V Support

Request assistance for a smart classroom equipment issue.

Smart Classroom Training

Schedule a hands-on training of smart classroom equipment capabilities and operation.

Software Question/Issue

Submit a request if you have a question or issue related to the functionality of any software used at NKU.

Specialty Printing

Specialty printing options at the Norse Tech Bar

Surplus Equipment

Service to send equipment to surplus


Technology Consultation

Get assistance and advice on report building, application development, and other IT related activities.

Telephone Billing Inquiries

Departmental telephone billing questions can be answered through this service.

Telephone Services (New or Modifications to Existing)

This service is to assist with any phone related service.

Time Reporting Support

If you are having issues logging time or using the time reporting application, please submit this ticket to get further assistance.

Training Consultation

Meet with an instructor to receive additional training. You can also discuss customizations that are outside of the normal use of the software.

Training Documentation Creation/Edit

Request to create/update training documentation.

Training Video Creation/Edit

Request to create/edit a custom training video.

Tutorial Request


VA Certification

Use this form to submit the VA Certification Form to use VA benefits.

Voicemail Services

This service is used to request features or changes for existing voicemail services.


Web Accessibility Support

Assistance with how to make your website more accessible.

Web Editor Permission Request

Request new or additional website permissions in AEM.


Zoom Webinars

Request assistance with Zoom Webinars