GC3 Consortium Request: Visiting Student


If a student wishes to take classes at NKU through the GC3 program, they should…

  • Obtain a completed, signed Cross Registration form from their home school.
  • If they have not participated in the GC3 program at NKU recently, they should submit an application at www.nku.edu/apply.html.
  • If you have attended NKU recently through the GC3 program, you can contact the NKU Registrar’s Office at registrar@nku.edu, by phone at 859-572-5556, or in person to see if a new application is required.
  • Once the student has picked up the Cross Registration form and has applied online (if applicable), they can then submit the completed Cross Registration form to the NKU Registrar’s Office using this form.

Who can request this service?

  • Non-NKU Students
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Wed 2/1/23 11:29 AM
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