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Need access to a new tab in myNKU or access to an area in SAP GUI

Access to 20+ Adobe software titles, audio, video & photo editing, web development.

A comprehensive solution for building NKU's website.

Meet with a member of the IT Training Team to discuss webpage design and/or functionality. Custom elements on websites can also be discussed.

Add/Change user permission for BEx Web Analyzer

Add/Change user permission for BEx

Access Request for file storage in BEx Portfolio

Having trouble working within Canvas? Log an issue and we will be assist you shortly.

Request this service to make a change to the name of the new person who will be taking over the fiscal responsibility for a Fund Center

Request access to Jabber

Request for setup for COIvCenter classes

Request a computer to be set up for a new user.

Install discipline-specific software in certain labs and classrooms.