Undergraduate Pass/Fail Request


By exercising the option to take the course(s) on a pass/fail basis, I understand that I must comply with all of the requirements below:

  1. The student-initiated option to take a course pass/fail encourages students to experiment in academic disciplines by enrolling in courses they may not take normally if subjected to the same grading pressures incurred as in their major area of study. For this reason, pass/fail can contribute substantially to a student’s breadth of experience at NKU.
  2. Taking courses pass/fail under the student-initiated option is subject to the following restrictions:
  • The student must complete this request.
  • The form can be completed at the time of registration but not later than the last day to register for a class for that semester/term as listed in the appropriate online academic calendar.
  • The choice to receive a traditional letter grade or a pass/fail grade cannot be changed after the last day to register for a course except by withdrawal or by repeating the course.
  • A student may not repeat a course on a pass/fail basis in order to replace a previously earned letter grade of A through F.
  • The student must be a bachelor’s student who has attained junior standing (having earned 60 credit hours or more).
  • Courses taken pass/fail must be elective in nature and cannot be used to fulfill specific general education, major, minor, or focus requirements.
  • Pass/fail courses may be applied toward 300 level and above course requirements.
  • No more than 12 credit hours toward graduation may be completed through the student-initiated pass/fail.
  • Only the grade of C- or above will be considered passing when courses are taken under the pass/fail option; the grades of D and F will be recorded as failing grades.
  • The grade of P will not be computed in the GPA but the credit hours associated with the course will be counted as credit hours earned and will count toward graduation under the restrictions previously mentioned.
  • The grade of F will be computed in the student’s GPA as hours attempted.
  1. Under the student-initiated pass/fail policy, the instructor will not know whether an individual is taking the course for a traditional letter grade or pass/fail. When the semester ends, the instructor will submit traditional letter grades for all students. For those students taking the course as pass/fail, grades will be converted by the Office of the University Registrar.
  2. Should a student change major, minor, or focus after having taken a course under the student-initiated pass/fail option, any discussion regarding acceptance of the course for major, minor, or requirements will be made on an individual basis by the appropriate department chair. If needed, and with the student’s permission, the instructor’s record of the original letter focus grade may be consulted in such a case

Who can request this service?

  • Students


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