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Catalog Policies

What is it? - A student’s catalog of record is the source for all policies and program requirements associated with a student’s degree requirements. The catalog of record refers to a specific academic year, which is typically the year when the student began taking classes at NKU.

1. A student can only change to a newer catalog. They can not change to a catalog from any year previous to the one they are currently using.
2. Declaration to a later catalog may have implications regarding specific departmental courses that must be taken, subject areas that must be satisfied, or general education requirements.
3. After eight years as a degree-seeking undergraduate student without earning a degree, the oldest active catalog in effect at the time the eight-year period elapses will become the new catalog for all institutional and program requirements unless an extension is approved by the appropriate academic dean.
4. Once declaration to a later catalog has been processed, it is irrevocable.

By submitting this electronic form, I agree that I understand the implications of changing my catalog and agree to follow the policies, procedures, and requirements outlined in the new catalog.

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  • Students

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