IT Procurement Policy


Technology spending represents a large portion of NKU’s annual expenses.  IT's Technology Purchase Policy is meant to:

  • Improve the management of NKU’s campus-wide IT portfolio and underlying IT projects
  • Ensure compliance with applicable laws and rules
  • Address campus-wide redundancies and inefficiencies
Please Note: Any technology purchased, whether it goes through the approval process or not, must adhere to the Acceptable Use, Data Governance and Security, and Information Security Policies to ensure the security of NKU resources.



General Peripheral Devices

  • Keyboards, Mice, Trackballs, Trackpads
  • External DVD drives
  • Monitors (Dell, Apple)
  • Headsets (USB or 3.5mm connection)
  • Webcams (Specific brands: Logitech, AverMedia, Nexigo, Anker)
  • External hard drives (may require encryption, review these policies: Information Security, Data Governance, Acceptable Use)

Dell Products

  • Optiplex desktops
  • Latitude laptops

Apple Products

  • MacBook Pro laptops
  • MacBook Air laptops
  • iMac desktops
  • Mac Mini desktops
  • iPad and iPad Pro devices
  • iPad accessories (Pencil, Lightning to USB/HDMI/etc adapters, Thunderbolt adapters, etc.)

Other Items

  • NWyse Zero Client VoIP devices
  • Non-data network connected or computer connected electronics (Including, but not limited to: televisions, scales, microscopes)
  • Smart Televisions
  • IoT devices
  • Smart phones or cell phones that use wireless technology
  • USB-C to Ethernet/HDMI/USB 2/etc adapters



  • Personal network routers, bridges, switches, wireless access points, and wireless extenders.  This applies to any equipment that extends the wired or wireless networks.
  • Non-NKU supplied Printers
  • Network traffic packet capture/analysis (outside of pre-approved College of Informatics and Central IT use cases)
  • Keystroke logging hardware and software (outside of pre-approved College of Informatics and Central IT use cases)
  • Rubber Ducky, LAN Turtle and other computer hardware and software hacking tools and devices


Requires IT Approval

The following applies to hardware and software not listed in the pre-approved or prohibited lists.

  • New software
  • Software requiring new or additional licensing
  • Cloud services and hosted applications
  • Software license renewals


NKU has negotiated deals with certain vendors for computers. Please visit our technology procurement page designed for purchases outside our annual computer replacement program.


Who can request this service?

  • Faculty
  • Staff

Are there fees or additional cost?

Cost varies depending on request.

Request Approval


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