GC3 Consortium Request: NKU Student


The Greater Cincinnati Collegiate Connection Consortium rules.

  1. In order to participate in the Consortium, a student must fulfill the following criteria:
    1. be a degree-seeking student; AND
    2. be enrolled at least half-time (combination of NKU and Consortium school)
      1. Undergraduate Students - at least 6 hours (minimum of 3 hours at NKU)
      2. Graduate Students - at least 3 hours (minimum 1.5 at NKU)
  2. Approval for undergraduate students must be obtained from the Office of the Vice Provost and the Chair of the student's major department. Approval for graduate students must be obtained from the Office of the Vice Provost and the student's Graduate Program Director.
  3. No more than 2 courses are permitted to be taken through the Consortium per semester. The cumulative number of Consortium credit hours is limited to 12 for undergraduate students. Graduate students are allowed 9 hours of combined transfer and Consortium credits.
  4. Courses categorized as Workshops are not available for cross registration.
  5. Students must receive approval in cases where adding credit hours for GC3 will cause the student to exceed their maximum course load as defined by the current catalog, they will first need to receive official approval to go over the limit from the Assistant Dean of their major if they are an undergraduate, and by their Program Director if they are a graduate.
  6. After receiving the required approvals, the assisting Registrar Service Representative will register the student for CON 100/300/600. Therefore, if a student drops or is unable to register for a Consortium course at the host institution, the student must drop the CON 100/300/600 course at NKU.
  7. Cross-registration is not complete until the student is registered at the host institution. The student must go to the host institution and follow the registration policies and procedures outlined by that institution.
  8. Students are responsible for dropping any course being taken through the Consortium at both the host institution AND NKU.
  9. Students who cross-register will be assessed NKU's tuition rate for the total number of hours registered at NKU (NKU hours plus Consortium hours). Students are not assessed for tuition at the host institution, however, they may be responsible for course-related fees.
  10. Where applicable, refunds for Consortium courses will follow the refund schedule outlined by the host institution each semester.

I have read the above information regarding cross-registration at an institution participating in the Greater Cincinnati Collegiate Connection and By submitting this request, I agree to comply with the policies and procedures established by Northern Kentucky University and the Greater Cincinnati Collegiate Connection.

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