New access, role based changes to permissions, permissions in general or anything related to access to or within SAP

Services (8)

SAP GUI Password Set or Reset

Forget your password and need a reset, file a ticket and we will reset it.

SAP GUI Account Unlock (NOT Password Reset)

If you have locked your account and need to get it unlocked, submit a ticket.

SAP GUI New User Login Setup

New access to SAP GUI

Extend/Renew Access for Student Workers

Request Renewal of Access for Student Workers who will be continuing employment with your department

Add myNKU Tab or SAP GUI Functionality

Need access to a new tab in myNKU or access to an area in SAP GUI

SAP T-Code Access Request

Need access to a particular T-Code in SAP

myNKU Cost Center Access

Give access to specific cost center(s) for a user

BEx Folder/Query Access

Add/Change user permission for BEx