New access, role based changes to permissions, permissions in general or anything related to access to or within SAP

Services (8)

BEx Folder/Query Access

Add/Change user permission for BEx

myNKU Cost Center Access

Give access to specific cost center(s) for a user

myNKU and SAP Role Access - Mirror Current User

Have a new staff/faculty member or need someone to receive similar permissions to someone else in the department

SAP T-Code Access Request

Need access to a particular T-Code in SAP

myNKU Tab Access Request

Need access to a new tab in myNKU

SAP GUI Account Unlock

If you have locked your account and need to get it unlocked, submit a ticket.

SAP GUI Login Initial Setup

New access to SAP GUI

SAP GUI Password Reset

Forget your password and need a reset, file a ticket and we will reset it.