Semester Enrollment Certification Request: Spring 2024

**Please ONLY Submit this form ONCE per semester!**

VA Educational Benefits Certification Process Overview

  1.  Enroll in courses.
  2.  Submit this request each semester AFTER you are enrolled in courses.
  3.  SCO will certify your credit hours with the VA.
    • This allows the VA to release the book stipend (CH 33 only) a.s.a.p.  and MHA arrives on time. 
  4. .Once tuition has been billed to your account, SCO will report tuition as required
    • The VA can take 4 to 8 weeks to pay tuition.
    • You will receive communication from student account services if you have a balance on your account that you will be dropped if you have not paid. They are required to send this communication if you have a balance.  If you have submitted this request AND have paid any balance that the VA will not cover, you will not be dropped from courses.  (CH 35 and CH 1606 DOES NOT pay tuition).
    • If you enrolled in a 5 weeks 2, 3, or 7 weeks 2 session, the VA will not pay the tuition until a week prior to the start of the session. 
  5. If you make schedule changes after the SCO has certified you, you DO NOT need to submit another request. We are required by the VA to report ALL enrollment change that affects VA benefits within 30 days of the change.  
  6. For CH 33, SCOs are required to re-certify your enrollment with the VA a second time mid-semester. 

By submitting this request I certify that I have read and understand the following and the process above: 

  • I must complete this form each semester in order to be certified with the VA. Submissions received less than TWO weeks prior to the start of the term may result in delayed certification of enrollment and GI BillĀ® payments.*
  • I understand the VA will only pay for courses required by my degree program.*
  • I understand that if I make ANY schedule changes after the original certification it may result in overpaid benefits (debts), which I will be obligated to return to the Department of Veterans Affairs or owe the University. *
  • I understand I must contact the Department of Veterans Affairs to discuss any stipend or housing allowance funds at 888-442-4551.*
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