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Services or Offerings?
Request a computer to be set up for a new user.

This service is to assist with any phone related service.

New group email account for your team's new project, role, or product.

Requests for new enhancements or configurations or updates to existing processes and configurations.

Request an update to a process or configuration or request a new process or configuration

Request for a new listserv email address.

New access to SAP GUI

Request new or additional website permissions in AEM.

Need access to a new tab in myNKU

Have a new staff/faculty member or need someone to receive similar permissions to someone else in the department

Request this service to make a change to the name of the new person who will be taking over the fiscal responsibility for a Fund Center

Need help getting a project organized or structuring your tasks. New to project management and need help with a tool. Request this service and one our dedicated project managers will assist you.

Provide centralized software support including installation, upgrades, troubleshooting and removal of software.

Forget your password and need a reset, file a ticket and we will reset it.