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Give access to specific cost center(s) for a user

Reports, Data and Survey requests

Get assistance and advice on report building, application development, and other IT related activities.

Assistance with how to make your website more accessible.

Request a computer to be set up for a new user.

Request for a new listserv email address.

Moving offices or internet not working - could be the wall network jack is inactive. Use this request to activate a port.

Request this service to make a change to the name of the new person who will be taking over the fiscal responsibility for a Fund Center

Request this service when you have something you need updated or changed to current production setup for example a change to a report.

New access to SAP GUI

If you have locked your account and need to get it unlocked, submit a ticket.

Forget your password and need a reset, file a ticket and we will reset it.

Provide centralized software support including installation, upgrades, troubleshooting and removal of software.

Schedule a hands-on training of smart classroom equipment capabilities and operation.