Undergraduate Approval for Course Waiver


This form should be used to secure approval for all courses/waivers. To be valid, the Approval for Course/Waiver form must contain all required approvals. The Offices of the Registrar, Admissions Transfer Services, and International Students & Scholars will process only those requests approved as indicated on the form (in most cases, with two approvals).

Departments are encouraged to seek approval for courses/waivers as soon as the need is detected and the substituted course has been completed rather than when the student certifies the degree program. Doing so will allow the degree audit system to reflect more accurately a student’s academic progress in a timely manner.

Grades of “IP” (course in progress) will be accepted on this form for SENIORS only, regardless of whether or not they’ve already applied for graduation. The degree audit system should automatically “back out” the if the appropriate minimum grade isn’t earned in the substituted course in progress. The following note should be added by the Offices of the Registrar, Admissions Transfer Services, or International Students & Scholars to the degree audits of students for which a with a grade of “IP” (course in progress) is processed: “Course X was substituted for required course Y prior to its completion for this SENIOR, per advisor A and chair B. Should course X not be successfully completed, this is INVALID.”

Departments seeking approval for a course/waiver should adhere to the following:

  1. Use a separate form for EACH course /waiver request.
  2. Complete all sections of the form.
  3. The advisor or chair requesting the course/waiver should sign and date the form and forward it to the appropriate office for approval: major chair, minor chair, Vice Provost, or Director of the specific graduate program.
  4. If the major/minor Chair, Vice Provost, or Director of the specific graduate program elects to deny the request, the comments section should be completed, and the form should be returned to the originating department.
  5. If the major/minor Chair, Vice Provost, or Director of the specific graduate program elects to approve the request, he or she should complete the form and forward it as indicated for processing.
  6. Departments are invited to retain a copy for their records. Copies of processed forms will be imaged and associated with student’s permanent record in the Office of the Registrar. Evidence of processed forms is seen on degree audit.

Questions regarding completion of this form should be directed to:

Course Type Office Extension
NKU courses: Office of the Registrar 5556
Domestic (United States) transfer courses: Admissions Transfer Services Office 5556
International transfer courses: Office of International Students & Scholars 6517

Who can request this service?

  • Faculty Advisor
  • Academic Advisor


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