Course Withdraw Request


Important Information

  • Late withdraw (Undergraduate Only)
    • This withdraw request is for the time frame between the day after the last day to withdraw until the last day of classes for the semester. Late withdraw requests will not be accepted after the last day of class for the semester. 
    • This request will drop the student from the course(s) with a grade of "W" AND 0% tuition refund.
    • During finals week, grades can post at any time once the instructor has completed grading, and once final grades have posted, students would instead choose Retroactive Withdraw.
  • Retroactive Withdraw
    • This withdraw request is for the time frame after grades have been submitted for a course, or for grades from a previous semester up to 1 year after the end of the term being requested for a withdraw. Requests beyond a year after a course grade has posted are subject to denial.
    • This request will drop the student from the course(s) with a grade of "W" AND 0% tuition refund.
    • If the student is requesting a withdraw from a course that is still in session prior to the last day of class for the semester, students would instead choose Late Withdraw.
  • Drop for Non-Attendance
    • This withdraw request is for students that did not drop a course(s) AND has not attended/participated in the course(s) and needs to be dropped.
    • This request will drop the student from the course(s) at 100% tuition refund.
  • Please note that the withdraw process is a separate process from the tuition appeal process, however a grade of W may need to be reflected on a student’s transcript prior to being able to submit a tuition appeal. Students wishing to recover tuition should complete the tuition appeal form through Student Account Services.
  • Students requesting a withdraw due to medical reasons or employer-based reasons should provide relevant documentation by attaching them to this request. 

Employment Documents Needed (If applicable)

  1. A statement the explains from an employer that explains the student’s circumstances that impacted the student’s ability to perform academic duties, describe the dates during the semester related to the circumstances, and be supported with any letter(s) signed by the employer on professional letterhead from the organization.

Medical Documents Needed (If applicable)

  1. Statement from student
    1. This statement should explain the diagnosis/explanation of the student's medical condition and how it has affected the student's ability to perform academic duties. It also should explain whether the student sought and received any medical treatment for the problems, including treatment prescribed and its effect.
  2. Supporting documents
    1. a. A statement from the medical professional on official letterhead which covers the following:
      1. Diagnosis: Explanation of the student's medical condition, and how it affects the student's daily activities and academic performance.
      2. Date(s): Actual dates of medical treatment or services for this illness / only the dates for the semester for which withdraw is requested are needed.
      3. Date when the student became unable to perform academic duties - An estimate from the medical professional based on the diagnosis and treatment.
      4. Must include the follow statement:
        1. I certify that, in my best professional judgment, the student identified above was unable to perform academic duties and complete the semester stated above due to unforeseen medical incapacitation during the above stated time.

Non-attendance Documents Needed (If applicable)

  1. Statement from student that explains why the student did not attend the course and why they did not drop.
  2. Statement from professor(s) of the course(s) stating that student never attend the course.

Who can request this service?

  • Faculty, Staff, Students

Are there fees or additional cost?

There are no fees or additional costs.

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