Computer Replacement Program


Information regarding the replacement of NKU-provided computers.


The Computer Replacement Program is an annually funded program that addresses replacement of faculty, staff, classroom, lab, kiosk and research computers.


Computers replaced on a 5 year cycle

Provide administrators with flexibility to address needs of their areas

Replacements are determined by available funding and then based on computer age.

Once allocation amounts are determined, it is at the discretion of VPs deans, chairs, and/or directors to determine who receives computers. IT does not determine who gets a replacement computer; we only determine the allocation of how many an area receives.

Does this program cover the cost of additional computers for new faculty or staff?

No. If a new computer is needed for the new faculty/staff member, the department is responsible for the purchase.


When is my computer going to be replaced?

It is at the discretion of administrators in your area to determine where the new computers go. If you feel that you need a new computer through this process, please contact your dept chair/director.


How are computers replaced when they are funded by grants?


Grant funded computers can be eligible to be included in the computer replacement program the fiscal year following the end of the grant period as long as no discretionary technology funding remains from the original grant or no additional funding has been received through an extension of the grant.

If these conditions are met, requests for inclusion must be sent to the dean of their college for approval.  If approved, the computers will follow the replacement process for faculty/staff computer replacements.

Department Chair Request Process for Inclusion

At the conclusion of the specific grant’s term, the department chair benefiting from the replacement of the computers must submit a formal written request to their dean. The request must include:

  • Quantity, location, and initial purchase date of existing computers
  • Original intent of grant
  • Planned academic benefit of replacing the computers in relation to the original grant intention
  • Unique IT support requirements

Dean's Approval and Responsibility

If a college dean approves grant computers for inclusion, the dean will notify the NKU CIO with the following information:

  • Responsible department chair
  • Quantity, location, and initial purchase date of existing computers
  • Planned intent of replacement computers
  • Unique IT support requirements

CIO Action Item

The NKU CIO will include the computers in the faculty/staff computer replacement program and the responsible department chair will be notified.

Additional Information Regarding Grant-Funded Computers

Inclusion does not mean immediate replacement.  Grant-funded computers will be included in the faculty/staff computer replacement program and come up for replacement through that process.  Their original purchase date will be the record used to determine their hierarchy in the process.

If grant funded computers are given approval for inclusion in the computer replacement program, the replacement of the computers will be based on NKU’s standard configuration.

Completion of all surplus processes for computers purchased with grant funds are the responsibility of the department which received the grant.




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