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New Accessibility Tools Coming to Canvas

We are excited to announce a new suite of tools coming to help faculty improve the accessibility of the content within their courses. Yuja Panorama will replace Blackboard Ally beginning in early June.

We know that changing tools is often an awkward process of learning a new interface and workflow, but we are very happy to say that Panorama offers an extremely similar experience of in-line suggestions and remediation advice, but also offers you the ability to make some of the changes in just one click, without needing to download a document, make changes, save it, and re-upload it to the right places.

You will see a new icon system when Panorama takes effect that looks like the image below.

We are very eager to get started with this new tool and are happy to answer any questions you have about it at For more information you can see some of the guides provided by YuJa:
•    An overview to Panorama
•    Accessing Alternative File Formats in Panorama
•    Getting Started with Panorama for Instructors in Canvas

Any changes you have made with Ally will remain in effect in your courses and we do not foresee any loss of information during our migration. There will be a short time when we are in between services, when Ally will have been deactivated and our Panorama service has not yet been enabled (Ally will end on May 14th and this period is when Ally usage has historically been low). If you have any accessibility issues during that time, don’t hesitate to reach out to

There are other exciting aspects of this tool that we will share soon that gives us even more features than we currently have. We hope that this switch will help us bring down even more barriers to learning for our students.



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