Duo MFA Device Management


Sometimes it is necessary to re-add or remove old devices using the management options provided by duo. This guide will lead you through the process of managing old devices and configuring new devices to ensure you can authenticate successfully to NKU provided applications.



1. Authenticate to any AD FS backed service like mynku or canvas and be presented with a DUO universal MFA prompt. You may see either of the following prompts or something similar. Note if not all options are provided select "Other Options" as indicated below to reveal the "Manage Devices" option.



2. You will be prompted for an MFA authentication in order to manage your devices. If your current device is still accessible you can use one of the default options like Push Notification to log in and begin managing your devices. If your current device is lost, stolen, or replaced and you don't have access please call our helpdesk at (859) 572 - 6911 for assistance in generating a bypass code.


3. Once authenticated you will see options similar to the following if you have any devices already configured and they need to be modified you can choose "I have a new phone" and following the instructions on the webpage. Otherwise select "Add a device" to add additional MFA devices or begin the setup of your first device.




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