How to Send a Fax (MFP / Konica)

1. Login using your personal or department provided copy code if your device is configured for authentication.

2. Once logged in press the physical "MENU" button located to the right side of the screen

3. Select the RightFax application, note that it may take a few moments for the application to load.

4. Select the fax number text box.

5. Type the destination phone number for the fax job to be sent to, then press OK.

6. Ensure the entered fax number is correct then press "Start" to begin scanning pages.

7. If you wish to scan any additional pages replace the originals then press scan button, otherwise choose "Finish" to send the fax.

8. If you see the below screen your fax was submitted successfully. If there are any issues please call the IT Help desk at (859) 572-6911.

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