How to use the camera in HIC

1. Power on the smart classroom system via the touch panel.


2. Select the camera to make adjustments.

On the touch panel select "Camera" from the source selection list.

3. Panning and Tilting the camera to your needs.

On the touch panel use the D-pad to pan and tilt the camera.

4. Zooming the camera in and out.

On the touch panel use the "Zoom +" and "Zoom -" to move the camera closer or further away.

5. To store a Camera Presets

Once the camera is a position you would like to store, press and hold one of the press "Preset" buttons on the touch panel for about eight seconds. 

To recall any preset, touch any one on the touch panel and the camera will move into position.

6. Select "PC" to return to presentation

This will allow audio from both your classroom and from students listening via Zoom to flow both directions.

7. Getting camera into Zoom

If Zoom has not already been opened at this point, please open now. By default Zoom should default to the camera in the classroom. 

If not please check that Zoom is sending video.

8. If you have any issues please reach out to the Helpdesk at ext.6911. 



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