How to use Audio Visual System in SL Study rooms

1. Tap touch screen to the left/right of the TV

System will default to AirMedia screen. 

To show/display in room PC select HDMI. (If PC does not come on, PC is most likely off. 

The PC is located behind the TV, look for the arrow.)

2.  To change sources

Select the “Laptop” icon on the touch panel in the lower left corner.

3. Video conferencing

With the system set to HDMI and using the room PC, use your preferred video conferencing system to take advantage of the built-in camera in the room. 

4. Whiteboard capturing (if equipped)

SelectAirboard” from the touch panel and begin drawing on the whiteboard in the room, with dry erase markers only, when ready to save what is written on the white board select “Send Snapshot” on the touch panel. Provide an email address you wish to send it to. Then proceed to erase and start over. An other option is to record the entire white board the whole time then selectstop recording” and send the file via email. 

5. Wireless Presenting (Air Media)

Select “Air Media” from the touch panel and to present to the TV from user’s personal laptop, tablet, or mobile device. User will need to be on Norse_Net WiFi. Once Air Media is selected follow prompts on the touch panel and user’s device to present.

6. System Shutdown

On the right side of the touch panel press the “power” button and the system will begin to shutdown.


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