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This article is designed to walk listserv owners through the setup, use, and moderation of a listserv.


Adding/Removing Subscribers

Listserv subscribers are the users who will receive an email when a message is distributed from a list. Users can be added/removed by list owners, or can self-subscribe/unsubscribe if given the option. To modify the subscriber list, follow these steps:

From "List Home," select "View or Manage Subscribers."

Add Subscribers:

To add a single subscriber, enter their email and select "Add." Note the option for "Quiet" - this option is recommended as it unobtrusively adds the user to the listserv. You will be brought to a second page to confirm adding the subscriber.

To add multiple subscribers, select "Multiple Add." Either enter subscribers manually, or paste from a SQL query or Excel sheet in the format "[email] [firstname] [lastname]" (only the email field is required). Note, there is NO confirmation page before adding multiple subscribers.

List subscribers can be seen in the Subscriber Table at the bottom of the page.

Remove Subscribers:

To remove subscribers, select the checkbox next to their name within the Subscriber Table, and select "Delete selected email addresses." Multiple subscribers can be removed at once. You will be brought to a confirmation page to confirm removing the subscribers.


Distributing Emails

When an email is sent out from a listserv, it is distributed to each of the listserv's subscribers. The process of sending a listserv email is a two part process: Staging and Distribution. 

1) Staging an Email:

The first step is to compose the message within Outlook. Once complete, send the message to the address [list_name], where [list_name] is the name of your listserv (e.g.

As the list owner, you will receive a notification of the sent email needing approval. This is accomplished in the next step.

2) Distributing a Staged Email:

To distribute a staged email, go you your listserv at and select "Message." This is where staged messages are located prior to distribution.

Use the action icons next to each message to either distribute, reject, or view the message. Selecting "reject" will remove the message from the list. Selecting "distribute" will send the email out to each listserv subscriber.


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