Closing a Project in TeamDynamix

How to Close a Project in TDx

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Completed Projects

Congratulations you just completed a successful project!  Now what?  It is time to closeout the project.  To do this you will need to access the Action menu on the project by opening the project fully.  You can access projects via the My Work Tab -> My Managed Projects or through the Projects/Workspaces Tab along the left navigation.

  • Once you are in the project you will need to be on the Project Details Menu and select the green "Actions" Menu button and scroll down to "Close".

  • Close any Unfinished Items listed as still open on the project:

  • Scroll down to the section "Choose the closed project status and health"

  • Status should be set to Completed

  • Health should be set to None

  • Percent Complete should be set to 100%
  • Comments - Leave closure comments and any notes desired about noteworthy items


Cancelled Projects

Not all projects will be completed successfully or even started once they get approved originally.  We still want to close them out as projects and to do this we follow the same steps as the Completed Projects above, except:

  • Choose "Cancelled" as the Status.

  • Leave "Percent Complete" at 0% or if you started the project and made some progress record the last percentage complete known
  • Provide reasons the project was cancelled in the "Comments" section


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