Allowed Devices to Connect the NKU Network for Residential Students

Many common devices residential students have are able to connect to the NKU network.  To connect your device to the NKU Wireless Network, you must register your device.  It can then connect to Norse_Village.

Norse_Village uses a Web Authorization page ( to register devices to either an NKU account or a guest account. Guests are allowed to create a guest account through the Web Authorization page. If the device does not have a web browser to complete registration, you can follow the instructions for manually registering devices at the Wireless/Wired Device Registration KB article.

No wireless printing is permitted in residential housing.  Printers must connect only to a personal computer.  If you have a printer, remember to pack a USB cord to connect your printer.

Personal routers are not allowed.


Allowances for Devices on the NKU Network

Device Wireless Wired
Amazon Fire TV No No
Amazon Fire Stick No No
ChromeCast No No
Nintendo 3DS No Pending Device Limitations
Nintendo Switch Yes No
Nintendo Wii No Yes
Nintendo WiiU Yes Pending Device Limitations
PlayStation 3, 4, 5 Yes Yes
Printers See Above See Above
Roku Box Yes Yes
Roku Stick Yes Yes
Routers See Above See Above
Smart Phones (iPhone, Android, Windows) Yes No
Smart TVs (general) Yes Yes
Smart TV (Apple) No Yes
Xbox 360 and Xbox One Yes Yes
Smart Home Devices No No





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