BEx Web Analyzer Versus BEx Portfolio

Where to find BEx Web Analyzer and BEx Portfolio:

Both BEx Web Analyzer and BEx Portfolio are found through the MyNKU portal.

  1. Log into your MyNKU account.
  2. Click the Business Explorer tab*.

*Depending on how many tabs you have access to and the size of your screen, you may need to click on the arrow in the top-right to expand your list to multiple lines.

  1. Click the desired page link.


What is BEx Web Analyzer?

BEx Web Analyzer is a way to access queries/reports to perform data analysis.

BEx Web Analyzer can be used to generate reports based on current or historical data about financial, human resources, and campus management/student information. The information queried is updated daily, so it is near real-time data. Your user roles or permissions determine the set(s) of queries/reports to which you have access.


What is BEx Portfolio?

BEx Portfolio is a place to store and share versions of various reports in individual user’s and departmental folders.

BEx Portfolio can be used to store reports in your individual user Portfolio folder as well as store and share reports in departmental folders. The information in a stored report is static as of the date and parameters used to generate the report. Your user roles or permissions determine the set(s) of folders to which you have access.



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