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Prerequisites are rules an instructor has applied to items within a module requiring various other actions to complete for specific items. You can see when these are applied looking to the right of a module title or to the right of an item within a module that has a prerequisite applied. 

Complete all items – All items with prerequisites will need to be completed before another module will become accessible, the item in question will have a hollowed dot to the right of it as well as a rule under the title 

example of Complete all Items within Module title 

Complete One item – One item in this module will need to be completed, the item in question will have a hollowed dot to the right of it as well as a rule under the title 

example of Complete one Item within Module title 

Lock Until – the items within the module will not be accessible until a certain date. In the bottom right of that module you can see when that date is or when you attempt to access one of those items. 

example of Lock Until with date at the bottom right of the module 

example of a date locked assignment 

Sequential Lock – Items within the module will need to be accessed and completed in order they appear within the module. Items ahead of the current progression will appear greyed out. 

example of sequential lock with future items greyed out 

Items within a module with prerequisites are listed with a hollow dot to the right of the title and the rule shown beneath the title as well. When highlighting the dot you can see what exactly is required. 

example of Submit 

example of achieve grade of 

example of view 

When an item requirements have been met the hollow dot will turn into a green check mark 

Completed prerequisite example 

Modules that are locked will show a padlock icon as well as mention what is required, typically the completion of requirements of a previous module 

Locked Module shown by padlock icon 

If you access a link to an assignment in a locked module you will receive a page like this: 

Locked assignment example 


If it seems like you have done all requirements listed and still cannot access a module or item contact your instructor to see if there was a submission that did not go through. If issues still persist submit a ticket to CITE. 

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