Accessing a Group/Shared Mailbox (Delegate Access)

Follow these directions to access a mailbox in which you have delegate access to. You may have delegate access to a group/shared department mailbox or even another user's personal mailbox.


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Webmail (Office 365)

1. Sign in to NKU's webmail and click on your user account's profile picture at the top right-hand side and select "Open another mailbox"

3. Type in the address of the mailbox that you have delegate access to select it and then click "Open."



Outlook (PC)

1. Within the Outlook desktop client at the top left click "File". Then click the account settings drop down menu and click the Account Settings field within  the drop down.


2. Select the mailbox which has delegate access (most likely your personal mailbox) and click the "Change" button.


3. Select "More Settings" at the bottom of the pop up menu.


4. On the next pop out menu select the "Advanced" tab and click on "Add..." to specify the mailbox name in which you have delegate access.


5. In the box that appears type the exact full email address of the mailbox you have been given delegate access to and choose "OK." You can then choose "OK", or "Apply" on each of the windows that have been opened up until this point to save the changes. Once all windows have been exited close outlook entirely and reopen it for the new delegate mailbox to sync, sometimes delegate access takes a few hours to fully sync from the cloud.


NOTE: When using outlook in order to send emails from a delegate mailbox make sure to enable the "From" selector

Outlook (Mac)

1. On the Tools Menu, click Accounts > Advanced > Delegates.

2. Add the mailbox using the full email address under "Open these additional mailboxes".


Outlook (Mobile)

1. From your inbox, tap on your profile picture at the top left or swipe the screen to the right.

2. Select the option to add an additional mailbox signaled by a letter with a plus sign.

3. Choose "Add a shared mailbox"

4. Type the full email address of the mailbox you have delegate access to and press continue.


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