Install VMware View (Mac)

  1. Visit  Click “Install VMware Horizon Client”.

Windows VMware download button.


  1. Find the "VMware Horizon Client for Mac" and click "Go to Downloads" on the right side.

VMware download screen.


  1. cq-text-component-placeholderOn the next page, click the blue "Download" button.

Blue Windows VMware download button.


  1. A download window will appear.  Keep "Open with" selected, and click "OK" to begin the installation process.  Follow the prompts to install VMware.

Mac VMware download/open window.


  1. Find "VMware Horizon Client" in the Applications folder or on your desktop, and open it.
  2. Double click the "" cloud icon. icon in VMware.


  1. Double click on the virtual machine you would like to connect to. 

VMware view for Mac.


The desktop will launch full screen to cover your own.  This is the VMware Horizon View virtual machine.  Remember that any files must be saved to your J: or K: drive, OneDrive, other cloud storage, or a flash drive.  Any files saved on the desktop will be removed once you log off of the virtual machine.

NKU Virtual Desktop in VMware View.

When finished, simply log off the of virtual machine.



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