Uploading Files to your OneDrive

And how to add them to your Canvas course as a student

Follow these steps to access your Onedrive and add files

  1. First, go to webmail.nku.edu and log into you nku webmail account.
  2. Next click on the grid of nine squares in the very top left hand corner/
    nine square screenshot
  3. A drop down of tools will appear, click on OneDrive
    one drive icon
  4. From here click on upload and select the file.
    upload file area
  5. Now go back to your course where you want to upload the file and click on the text box. A list of tools will be listed along the top. You will pick the orange Microsoft office icon 
    orange microsoft office icon
  6. Once you click the button it will prompt you to sign in, after that a list of all the files you have uploaded to your one drive will appear. Select the file you want and click Attach File.
    attach file

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