Pay for Print Instructions

The new Pay-for-Print site allows users to print to any networked printer on campus from any device connected to NKU’s Wi-Fi.


Uploading Your Document

In your browser, go to  Log in using your NKU username and password.

You will be taken to the My Printing screen.  From here, you can view your available print funds, as well as any documents that you have uploaded for printing.

Click the Upload button in the upper left corner.  Browse for your file, then double-click it (it may take a moment to process).  Once the file is processed, you will see a summary of the document, including the cost to print using the current color settings.

Upload Button


Printing Your Document

Once you have uploaded your document, you will need to select a printer.  In the lower right, find the box labeled Destination.

Click the drop down to search for any networked printer on campus.  Type your building’s name or two-letter building code (ex. “Student Union” or “SU”) and the available printers in that building will show.  Select the printer you wish to use, then click your document to select it.

Yellow Print Button

If you are using a color printer, you can select whether you would like to print in color or black & white in Print Options.  Other options include double-sided printing (if available), print range, and the number of copies.

Click Print in the lower right corner.  A pop up will ask you to confirm your print job, as well as the charges incurred.  Click Confirm, and your document will be sent to the selected printer.

Printing Options

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