Access VMware View Online

Note: The VMware Horizon View HTML Access is not as fast and does not contain all the features of the desktop client.  It is highly recommended you install the desktop client if possible.


  1. Go to and click "VMware Horizon HTML Access".

VMware type selection screen.


  1. Log in with your NKU username and password.

VMware HTML Access login.


  1. Double click on the virtual machine you would like to connect to.  

VMware view HTML lab selection screen.


The desktop will launch in your browser window.  This is the VMware Horizon View virtual machine.  Remember that any files must be saved to your J: or K: drive, OneDrive, other cloud storage, or a flash drive.  Any files saved on the desktop will be removed once you log off of the virtual machine.

VMware View desktop.

When finished, simply log off the of virtual machine.


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