Cisco Jabber

Jabber is an application that allows you to easily make phone calls from your computer.  It can be used whether you are on campus or working remotely.


How to Install Jabber

To install Jabber on your computer, download the appropriate installation file below, then follow the prompts.

Download for Windows

Download for Mac


  1. When starting the Jabber client from an NKU owned computer, enter your username and password. If you are running this on a mac or a computer that is not bound to the NKU domain(i.e. your personal computer), you will need to enter your username in the form of where username if your NKU user ID.


If you were assigned a non-NKU User ID please enter it here.


  1. When you click Sign In, accept any certificate errors/warnings that may be presented to you and you should be greeted with the following screen.

End user guide from Cisco:

MAC OS X full link:

Windows full link:



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