How to update your phone number, building or office location

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Managers are able to change their subordinate employees' information (phone, building, and room) that is listed in the NKU Directory.  Updates made will be reflected within 24 hours.

Updating information using this method only updates the NKU Directory.  To update your delivery address within purchasing, contact Procurement Services.  To update student records, contact the Office of the Registrar.

To make updates to your employees' directory information:

  1. Log in to myNKU
  2. Click the "Manager Self-Service" tab, then find the "Employee Information" section in the left navigation and click "General Information"
  3. Find the employee in the list, click their name, then "Change Office and Communication Data" in the lower right

A screenshot from myNKU showing an sample employee's contact information.

  1. Communication and Department information will be shown in text boxes.  Click "Edit" to make any changes needed, then click "Review".
  2. The updated information will then be shown for review.  If the information is correct, click "Save".
    • If other changes are needed, click the "Previous Step" button to make the edits.

A confirmation message will appear indicating the changes were saved.  Updates made will be reflected in the NKU Directory within 24 hours.

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